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At Vac-U-Jet, we invest in top quality products, equipment, and employees as part of our commitment to excellence that ensures a variety of necessary and reliable services to the Williston, North Dakota region.

Vac-U-Jet works with clients in all industries including oil and gas, large industrial manufacturers and government agencies. Our technical field personnel are OSHA HAZWOPER-trained and are available to assist on projects of any size and scope. Customers can count on Vac-U-Jet for jobs to be completed in a timely and cost effective manner.

Services For Any Need

We proudly handle any and all environmental management needs, from waste disposal and water delivery, to portable containment mats and restrooms.

Industrial Waste Management
& Hydro-Vac Services

We offer pick-up transportation from any location with our lineup of trucks, from vacuum to septic tricks, we’ve got you covered.

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Emergency Spill Response

Our equipment, trained personnel can safely and properly address most spills and can mobilize quickly to assess the situation.

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Septic Pumping & Water Delivery

Whether it’s portable water delivery, or septic & waste disposal, our team & equipment can handle the job.

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Industrial Cleaning

We provide consistent industrial cleaning services to make sure your site is in the best shape possible.

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Portable Toilets

We offer a 24/7 full-service rental solution you can count on. Our Comfort Zone trailer-mounted units are manufactured for extreme hot and cold temperatures to accommodate your comfort while out on the job site

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Snaking involves inserting a cable with a blade or a corkscrew auger attached at the end, into the affected drain, and with a bit of force it will either open a hole through the clog, or the clog will be able to be pulled out.

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Hydro Jetting

Hydro-jetting equipment that is able to clear clogs and sewer lines and provide a deep clean for your drains and pipes.

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Emergency Shower Trailers

Emergency shower and eyewash services for your job site provide workers an emergency treatment, in case they happen to come into physical contact with hazardous or corrosive materials.

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Portable Containment Mats

By preventing spills before they become a cleanup, not only are these mats protecting the environment but also they are saving clients time and money so they can be more efficient in their operations.

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Vac-U-Jet, committed to the prevention of spills, enforces a stringent “no drips, no spills” policy that not only safeguards the environment but also boosts client efficiency by saving time and money typically spent on cleanups. In addition, our emergency shower and eyewash services, compliant with the ANSI standard Z358.1 and DXP, are available on job sites to offer immediate treatment for workers exposed to hazardous or corrosive materials, thereby ensuring their safety in emergencies.

Our Emergency Shower & Eye Wash Trailers Includes:

 Quick-Activated Eyewash Station
 Drenching Shower Heads
 Easily Identifiable Units

Our Emergency Services Include:

 Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Spills
 Roadside Emergencies



Portable Toilet Rental

Vac-U-Jet provides the highest quality portable toilet, mobile restroom trailers, and hand washing station rental for construction sites, disaster relief, weddings, and special events in Williston, ND, and the surrounding areas.


Non – Insulated

Hand Wash Station

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